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Current and Recent Projects

My Most Difficult Case
This movie is, at long last, available on-line. I have set it up on DailyMotion as Video on Demand.

Description: A judge faces a difficult choice with his latest case. He hardly listens to the lawyers as they try to influence his decision.

The Barrier
I completed version 0.6 of The Barrier, a movie about a transportation planner. I have the movie posted on my Website and on YouTube:

You can read recent blog posts about this project at: This project developed out of my work on my Transportation Planning Stories.

Some Days . . .
Some Days . . . is now available to watch on-line. Some days are better than others. You can watch it at:

My Next Film
My Next Film is now available to watch on-line. A film by James Beattie Morison about a film by Patrick Aull. You can watch it at:

Make ’em Squirm – The Sharkbiter Way
Make ’em Squirm – The Sharkbiter Way is an interview with Orville Sharkbiter about his new book. Orville Sharkbiter is a very successful man, but I wouldn’t want to work for him.You can watch it at:

Contingency is a film I made for the 2012 $100 Film Festival. On 2012 March 10 it won the best of Alberta award.

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