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Tom Swiftly and his Incredible Traffic Model
Tom, Dick and Harry try to please the mayor and councilors. Some transportation planning humour. Puns and Tom Swifties count as humour don’t they?

Summer’s Too Short
Summer’s Too Short is now available to watch on-line. This film expresses how summer feels to me.
Have a look at it, it’s less than a minute long:

My Most Difficult Case
This movie is, at long last, available on-line. I have set it up on DailyMotion as Video on Demand.
Please give it a look:
Description: A judge faces a difficult choice with his latest case. He hardly listens to the lawyers as they try to influence his decision.

The Barrier
I completed version 0.6 of The Barrier, a movie about a transportation planner. I have the movie posted on my Website and on YouTube.
Have a look and tell me what you think:
You can read recent blog posts about this project at: http://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/category/film-projects/the-barrier/. This project developed out of my work on my Transportation Planning Stories.

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