A Bunch of Brief Thoughts.

BriefThoughtsI didn’t accomplish much this week, but I did have some ideas and thoughts I wanted to share.

“The Barrier”

I did a little more work on my revised script for “The Barrier”. My progress has been rather slow. I think that is because I’m not really sure how I’ll get the film finished. I suspect that I will need to nail that down before I can get energized.

I need to get a better handle on what it will cost and how I can recruit and record the actors. Most of the rest of the work I know I can do on my own in my own time.

Recycled Ideas for Blog Posts

This is my 365th post to my blog. One of the issues I noticed recently is that I sometimes forget that I have used an idea for a blog post and write another post based on the same idea. I’ve caught myself several times and changed my post, but I probably missed a few.

Blog Posts Unrelated to my Creative Work

In general I’ve avoided blog posts that are not directly linked to my creative work. Often when I do, I try to link it to my work. Usually not very effectively.

I do have ideas I want to express that I don’t see being fodder for a movie or a story. I have posted some of those on my articles page. http://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/articles/

I do wonder if I should be more open to posts about ideas other than my creative work. There are many problems in this world and I often feel I have some thing to contribute to the discussion. My ideas may not be valuable or useful to others, but I find it helps me to express my ideas.

Things I Wish I Had Said

I, like many people, think of my best come back lines, long after it is too late. Sometimes many years later. This causes some frustration. I have thought that I can draw on these flash backs in my creative work. I used several of these in “The Barrier”.

I have never used them as the basis for a project, although I did try a few times. Many of them bring back painful memories. While it can help to exorcise the negative feelings, it can also stir them up.

Midnight Thoughts

I struggled to get to sleep last night. I was obsessed with thoughts about my short story “A Woman Alone in a Cruel World”. http://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/stories/a-woman-alone-in-a-cruel-world/

I came up with a different approach to the same idea. With my mind on fire, I got up and wrote out two short scenes. I think they could be developed into a longer narrative, but I’m not sure I want to revisit the original story. On the other hand, maybe it is a story that is begging me to be written.

$100 Film Festival

The 24th $100 Film Festival is on this weekend. http://100dollarfilmfestival.org/ I didn’t go again this year. I haven’t been to one since I went to see my film “Contingency” in 2012. My film “Some Days…” was shown in 2013, but my wife had surgery the same day, and that was more important to me.

I have had 9 of my films shown at the festival, and I did start it, so I do have a strong attachment to the festival. While I feel as if I have neglected it, it seems to be doing just fine without me.

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