A Movie I Want to See and Other Notes

BlackBoxLogoI moved forward a little on “The Barrier” this week. I also made some changes to my website, and cancelled my Bukisa account.

A Movie I Want to See

A while back, I wrote a blog post about my goals for “The Barrier” (http://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/my-goals-for-the-barrier/). This morning I thought about it some more and realized that one of my goals was to make a movie I wanted to see. “The Barrier” isn’t finished yet, but I think that I have accomplished that.

The big question now is: will anyone else want to see it. I believe that if I want to see something, then other people will as well. If my tastes are one in a million, then there are only a few thousand people in the world who want to see it, but if my tastes are one in a thousand, then there are several million people who want to see it.

It’s times like this that I hope that my tastes are not uncommon.

“The Barrier”

I did some work on version 0.2 of “The Barrier” this week. my main objective was to review the videos I have now and identify which ones needed more work before I can put the movie together.

I left the computer screens blank in scenes where they are seen, so I need to create images for them and composite them into the video. I started to prepare the images this week and have most of them done. The ones I still have left to do are more complex and will take me a while to do.

Another problem I found was that some videos have “glitches” where the video breaks up. For the most part, it looks like it is just a single frame that is messed up. I have some tricks I can use to cover that up.

Later I will need to add in some more audio; sound effects mostly. I also want to process some of the dialogue, such as people talking over the phone, so it sounds like they are on the phone. I wonder if there are places where I can add some music. I need to find some free music if I want to do that. I plan to leave the sound work to version 0.3 or later.


I did some modifications to my website this week. I’ve had a donation button and a store page, but they never generated any money for me. I changed my tactics and replaced the donation button with a link that asks: Do you believe that artists should be paid for the work they do? That links to a “support my work” page. I have my donation button there and some other suggestions on how to support me work. That hasn’t generated any money either. At least not yet.

I changed the web page Monday, but I get the old version of some pages for some reason. Apparently they get cached somewhere. I’m not sure how to refresh the cache.


Bukisa is a website where I published some of the articles I wrote. It did generate some money for me over the years. About $18 altogether. Good thing I have a pension.

They sent out a note this week that they had lost their agreement with Google to handle advertizing. They won’t have any money come in anymore. They tried to encourage people to leave their articles on the site, but I decided to just dump them all. I cancelled my account too.

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