A Science Fiction Story

As part of my “keeping focused on one project at a time”, I started work on another story. That means I am “actively” involved with several projects: Bright Freedom, My Most Difficult Case, Contingency, The Sharkbiter Interview, and promotion of my films on YouTube and Vimeo. I have managed to avoid all the ideas I had for articles.

I used to read nothing but science fiction, but I haven’t tried to write any since high school, other than that one I came up with about seven years ago. One morning while still in bed I started to think about that story. I’ve changed my approach to writing since then, and I started to think how I’d do it now. One thought led to another, and I had to get up and write down all my ideas. Later I worked up an outline.

I think it wouldn’t be too hard to write now, but I really should put it on the shelf and get some of my other projects done. Well at least one anyway. Some elements of story are a bit weak, so letting it simmer for a while could produce something better.

The science fictional elements don’t show up until later in the story, so I’m reluctant to reveal much because I don’t want to give away the surprises. It touches on a controversial topic as well. I don’t like to get people upset. It was inspired by a real event.

I’m torn now because my new ideas that would make it a serious story, while my original ideas made it funny. Maybe I should write two versions of the story. What kind of story are people more likely to read, a serious story or a funny story?

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