Back to the “Sweat Box”

Summer Sun Setting Over Hendersyde - - 403921I got back to work on my story Heat Wave this week. I’ve changed the title to Sweat Box. It is a more appropriate title than what I had.

I approached the story in a piece meal way. A change from what I’ve done in the past. I developed an overall outline, but then jumped around to write the different segments of the story. So, I have the start and end done, along with some stuff in between, but there are unwritten segments here and there around the story.

I’d left the story for quite a while, almost five months! I did print out a copy a month ago and I’ve gone through it a few times to make notes for changes. I had planned to write the missing segments before I started a rewrite, but since I had left it so long, I thought a rewrite would help me get back into the story.

That approach seems to have worked. I have come up with several ideas for the unwritten segments. The rewrite has also built up the story somewhat. I added about 1,000 words in the last couple of days. I think the changes made the story better.

The ending of the story could be a problem. It was what got me started on the story, but now it doesn’t seem at the same level as the rest of the story. I’ll wait until I hear from some beta readers before I decide if I want to replace it or keep it.

I have other, more important, things on my mind these days, so it has been difficult to work on this project. However, it does help me to take some time away from those issues. This could be a good way to do that.

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