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I posted a new short story about a revolution in a future society. “Pete’s Plan” is the story of a man who wants a better life for his children. In the world he lives in there isn’t much of a future for them. But, one day, Pete realizes that he has a unique opportunity to… Read Article →

I feel that “The 89th Key” was a good learning experience for me. I’ve organized some of  my thoughts about what I learned. The Outline I have used outlines for most of my stories and all of my movie scripts. With “The 89th Key” I put more effort into the outline. I think I put… Read Article →

Long ago I decided I wanted to write a Doc Savage adventure. Now I finally did. You can download and read it from my website:  http://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/stories/the-89th-key/ The 89th Key – A Doc Savage Adventure A strangely familiar sound brings death rather than reassurance. The quiet contemplation of a charity concert is broken by the sudden… Read Article →

I worked on my novella, “Bright Freedom” this week. My goal was to develop the characters more. I came across some old notes from three years ago. My concept of the story has changed since then. For the most part , I developed some background for the characters this week. I had thought about the… Read Article →

I’ve left my story “Bright Freedom” unfinished for a long time. This week I took a stab at a rewrite. I find that the rewrite is harder to do than the first draft. My first attempt at this story was back in 2010 and early 2011. It was initially a movie script. I didn’t plan… Read Article →

In my on-going effort to accomplish little by starting too many projects, I’ve started work on an action adventure book. Over the last few weeks I think I’ve come up with a reasonable premise for the story. My Inspiration I’ve wanted to write a novella or a short novel for quite a while, but haven’t… Read Article →

When I looked into some of the ancient astronauts stuff a few weeks ago, I came across a lot of discussions of the Fermi paradox. I think I’ve come up with a possible explanation that I haven’t seen before. The argument made by Enrico Fermi was that while it would take millions of years for… Read Article →

My wife’s health has taken a turn for the worse and making her life the best it can be is my primary goal. I still want to work on my films and stories. My feelings about my work are conflicted. On one hand, I feel like any work I do takes time and effort away… Read Article →

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