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My wife was in the hospital from mid December until a week ago. I dropped all of my other activities to help her. Now that she is home, I think I can get back to my creative projects. Wife’s Health When my wife went into the hospital last December, my top priority was to help… Read Article →

I made some progress on the new WordPress theme for my website this week. I ran into a few snags, but got past some of them. I’ve changed my mind several times about what my goal was. Changing Goals While I over came many of the snags I ran into, I gave up on the… Read Article →

I have started to worked on changes to my website. I had a couple of goals. First to make the website more mobile friendly. Second to update the look of the website. I’ve made some progress. I’ve had a website for my movies since 1999, and I haven’t updated the look of my web page… Read Article →

I want to develop more back ground for my science fiction story “Felix”. This isn’t a serious proposal for Martian exploration, although I do think it is plausible. I’ve found “Felix” a real struggle to write. Partly because it is a longer story than what I’ve done before. However, more recently I have started to… Read Article →

I got back to work on “My Most Difficult Case” this week. My goal was to get all the files organized, but I also started to make some changes to the movie. Initially I tried to clean up the computer files and get rid of duplicates. That proved to be difficult, so I just sorted… Read Article →

In the past I’ve run into trouble when I try to do too many projects at the same time. I think I’ve fallen into that again. I need to pick one project to focus on. “The Barrier” I left “The Barrier” for now. I’ll pick it up again when the new version of Xtranormal becomes… Read Article →

I created a new version of “The Barrier” this week and posted it to YouTube. I made several changes to the first two scenes. Next week I plan to move on to a new project, or do some of the house work I’ve neglected. Over the last week, I finished the first scene of “The… Read Article →

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