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I haven’t done anything on my science fiction story “Felix” since last fall. This week I came across a couple articles on-line about a proposal for Martian exploration similar to what I had thought of as the back ground for my story. Last year I wrote a blog post where I laid out how I… Read Article →

I downloaded and tried out a trial version of nawmalMAKE, the replacement for Xtranormal. I wanted to see if I could use it to do a final version of “The Barrier”. I had planned to leave any evaluation of nawmalMAKE until later when I was ready to redo “The Barrier”. This week I got a… Read Article →

A while back, I posted a new short story, “Pete’s Plan” on my website, then I forgot to tell anyone. http://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/stories/petes-plan/ “Pete’s Plan” is a short science fiction story set in a future where mind uploading is a reality. (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_uploading) It is not the Utopia that many had expected and Pete has a plan… Read Article →

One of the challenges of writing a story is that the protagonist needs to be dumb enough to get into trouble, but smart enough to get out of trouble. It occurred to me that cognitive biases could provide easier explanations for a character’s bad choices. Characters need to make bad decisions in order for there… Read Article →

I used Xtranormal to make “The Barrier”, but was unable to properly finish the movie because the company shut down before I could finish it. Now a new company, Nawmal, is releasing software based on Xtranormal. Maybe I can now finished my movie. Nawmal (http://www.nawmal.com/) sent me an e-mail this week that the official release… Read Article →

I posted a new short story about a revolution in a future society. “Pete’s Plan” is the story of a man who wants a better life for his children. In the world he lives in there isn’t much of a future for them. But, one day, Pete realizes that he has a unique opportunity to… Read Article →

I feel that “The 89th Key” was a good learning experience for me. I’ve organized some of  my thoughts about what I learned. The Outline I have used outlines for most of my stories and all of my movie scripts. With “The 89th Key” I put more effort into the outline. I think I put… Read Article →

Long ago I decided I wanted to write a Doc Savage adventure. Now I finally did. You can download and read it from my website:  http://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/stories/the-89th-key/ The 89th Key – A Doc Savage Adventure A strangely familiar sound brings death rather than reassurance. The quiet contemplation of a charity concert is broken by the sudden… Read Article →

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