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I’ve added the driver and some sound effects to the demo video of the new scene 1 for “The Barrier” this week. It isn’t done yet, but I managed to put together an early version of the scene that gives a good indication how the final version will look. I added more trees and animated… Read Article →

This week I tried out both Sketchup and Blender for a revised version of scene 1 of “The Barrier”. Initially I thought Sketchup was the better choice, but then changed my mind. I used Blender to do the backgrounds of the public meeting scene in “The Barrier” and had planned to use it to do… Read Article →

I worked on both “Felix” and “The Barrier” this week. The “Felix” rewrite progressed well, but with “The Barrier” it just seemed like I spun my wheels. I still would call it a productive week though. “Felix” Rewrite I tried my new approach with “Felix” this week. I printed off the most recent version, then… Read Article →

A friend who watched my movie “The Barrier” commented that established genres, like mysteries, have well established stock characters and situations that people are familiar with. Few people have that kind of familiarity with transportation planning. That makes it harder to connect with the audience. With “The Barrier” (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-LOUNSEKac) I have tried to create… Read Article →

Conflict is an important part of story telling. Fortunately for the writer, there is no shortage of conflict to draw from. Recent reports about plans to evaluate teachers illustrates one of the conflicts I had in my work in transportation planning. Conflict in Transportation Planning For much of my career in Transportation Planning I advocated… Read Article →

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