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I started to get back to my story “Felix” this week, although I am still involved with “The Barrier”. Just before Christmas may not be that good a time to start a new project. “Felix” I wrote a first version of “Felix” a year ago. It is a science fiction tale that I based on… Read Article →

I am done with “The Barrier” for now. I still plan to promote it and cogitate on the feedback I get, but I want to move onto another creative project. I decided a while ago that my next project would be “Felix”, a science fiction story I started over a year ago. “The Barrier” I am tempted to… Read Article →

A few years ago, I saw an interview with the Smother’s brothers. Tommy talked about some musicians who would practice for years before they went on stage. He felt that was wrong. He said that you really don’t learn how to perform in public unless you perform in public. The audience will tell you what… Read Article →

I released “The Barrier” last Monday. I have had several people send comments on it so far. I plan to promote the movie more to get more comments. I was particularity happy with the response from one person who had expressed scepticism when I first told him about my idea. After he watched it, he… Read Article →

Finally! You can now watch “The Barrier” on-line. I wanted to fix more problems, but then remembered what Leonardo da Vinci said: “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Not that I claim my movie is Art, but it is time to let people see it. You can watch it on YouTube or on my website:… Read Article →

I remember when I moved from my apartment to my house I went back to the apartment for one last visit to see if I’d left anything. I ended up going back about a half dozen times! Each time I found something I’d forgotten. My experience with “The Barrier” feels almost the same. Every time… Read Article →

I had hoped to have “The Barrier” done and posted this week, but I’m not quite ready yet. I watched the version 0.4 video. I saw a lot of things I would like to change, but I would have to remake the movie from scratch to fix them. I thought about my goals for this… Read Article →

Work on “The Barrier” this week went faster than I expected, but I’m still not done version 0.4 yet. It shouldn’t take very long to get it done. I’ll watch it, and if there is nothing I want to change, I will post it to YouTube. Re-Editing “The Barrier” The way I have structured my… Read Article →

I reviewed version 0.3 of “The Barrier” this week and have now started to work on version 0.4. I watched version 0.3 of “The Barrier” twice this week. The first time to get a sense of how it looked. The second time I made notes about changes I want to make for version 0.4. I… Read Article →

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