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I came across this posting (http://candidcoverage.blogspot.com/2010/03/avoid-page-10-rejection.html) on James Jordan’s Candid Coverage Blog (http://candidcoverage.blogspot.com/). This posting explains why moviemakers reject many scripts within the first ten pages. He then provides 20 tips to avoid that. His focus is on selling a script to a Hollywood studio, but I think many of the tips are useful, even… Read Article →

My protagonist, Lucas, is starting to develop. I finished going through my outline and have described what each of the characters want in each scene. I am finding that Lucas often has conflicting desires.

I got back to work on my detective story this week. I have been working on it for three weeks now. When I did “The Anger Trap” I had a first draft done in three weeks, but I’m not that far along on this one. I think I will get a better script this time though.

I accomplished very little on the detective story script this week. My excuse is that I got sick. I am recovering and I hope to dive back into it this coming week. I did revise the outline some more. I deleted some scenes that I didn’t think added much and I added some that I… Read Article →

This week technicians installing a new furnace and contractors doing renovation estimates distracted me from my writing. Even so, I did manage to make progress on my detective story.

I posted a new article on-line: When World’s Collide: Gaia Meets Theia Philip Wylie’s and Edwin Balmer’s 1933 science fiction novel When Worlds Collide, and the 1951 movie based on it, tells the story of the Earth being hit and destroyed by another planet. Scientists have found evidence that something very much like that did… Read Article →

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