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I have a lot of ideas for stories, articles and movies. Lately I have been bouncing back and forth between them, and not getting much done.

I am re-editing my film “My Most Difficult Case” and over the last few days, I have been going over the materials. I started on this re-edit quite some time ago, but dropped it for a couple years. I have been trying to work out just what I have before I can start finishing it.

Last week I wrote about the technical aspects of making films. While this is important, I believe it is even more important to have something interesting to say.

I recently read some postings on Stacy Park’s blog about what she calls “reverse engineering” films. This is similar to ideas I have been thinking about for many years.

  Newsletter 2009 October 19 I’ve been busy the last month and have some new stuff to share with you. Video “The Whispers Come” is a short video about being independent. You can watch it here: http://www.dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/filmlist/the-whispers-come Story “Billy’s Big Discovery” is a short story about a young boy who wants to be a scientist… Read Article →

During the late 1970s and early 1980s Calgary was experiencing a huge boom and people were moving here from all over Canada. I was one of those people. In 1982/1983 the boom went bust. Many people lost their jobs. While I did not lose my job, I was very worried at the time. The story… Read Article →

Since retiring in August I have finished some short articles and published them on the web. I hope you will enjoy them. A Fleeting Moment of Tranquility is about a memory from my childhood. http://www.bukisa.com/articles/151015_a-fleeting-moment-of-tranquility Five Differences between Canadian and American Health Care Systems was inspired by the current health care debate in the United… Read Article →

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