Dynamic Lethargy Films

Some of the people I used to work with have encouraged me to do a story about transportation planning, so I have tried several times to do that. Nothing has come together yet. I started to write a movie set in a transportation planning office, but got bogged down in the details. That experience made… Read Article →

One of the sites I publish on (Triond) has a special on this month where I get a bonus if I publish 5 or more articles, so I’ve gone back to several articles that I’d left unfinished. I published two this week. Three more articles and I’m done. A Review of “Future Babble: Why Expert… Read Article →

Writers are always told to “write what you know.” I worked for 30 years as a transportation planner, so I thought I should write a story set in that milieu. So far I have found that very hard to do. About six years ago I started on a script idea set in a transportation planning… Read Article →

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