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I first began to be more aware of listening as a skill when I learned about a technique known as Active Listening. I have found this technique useful, but it does have its dangers. Over the years, many people have developed techniques to help them listen better. One technique I learned at work is Active… Read Article →

Listening is just as important as talking in a conversation. I believe listening is much more difficult than many of us think. In this post, I want to explore the challenges of listening. My goal is to better understand how people listen, so I can incorporate that into my own writing. Why Listen? I’ve worked… Read Article →

I got some nice comments from people about the award Contingency won at the festival last weekend. It was all very gratifying. Some people suggested I get it into other festivals, but I can’t think of any other festivals where I could submit it. Since the film is focussed on the $100 Festival, other festivals… Read Article →

My story The Crying Woman is what I call a “conversation story”. I plan to do what I’ve done with my transportation planning stories and write a series of articles and blog posts to explore that concept more thoroughly. Other than write The Crying Woman and set up the conversational stories webpage, I haven’t produced… Read Article →

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