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During the last part of my wife’s illness I dropped all my writing and filmmaking projects. I want to get back to them now. It isn’t just that I want to work on them; I feel that I need something to focus on now that she is gone. Retrospective One project I want to do… Read Article →

My movie “Contingency” (http://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/filmlist/contingency/) will be shown at the $100 Film Festival 25th Anniversary Retrospective next Wednesday, March 22, 2017. http://www.100dollarfilmfestival.org/festival/retrospective/ I made “Contingency” as a retrospective on the festival for the 20th festival in 2012. It looks back at the festival and the films I made for the festival over the years. I did the film… Read Article →

I worked on Contingency this week, but didn’t accomplish as much as I had hoped. I reviewed the video again. I had thought I would need to tweak the images somewhat, but I was happy with the way it already was. I think I might adjust the contrast on a couple of shots. Some of… Read Article →

I completed the conversion of the images I captured for “Contingency” into video files this week. It really was painful. I got about half the images done the week before. For some reason, the last half took more time. I found the technique of overlaying a negative of one image worked well. It was easy… Read Article →

My conversion of Contingency to video moved ahead this week. I have about half of the images converted to video now. I had to overcome a few snags. The whole film runs a bit over 3,800 frames, but since I already have video of some of the shots, I didn’t need to transfer all of… Read Article →

I took another step forward on Contingency this week. I used an optical printer to digitize the images from the film so I could create a video of the film. I will reconstruct a video from the images next. It took me a couple of days down at the CSIF to get the images digitized…. Read Article →

I want to complete the video conversion for Contingency soon. This week I did some preparation to try again. I had worried that I had damaged the film the last time I tried to do the transfer. This week I did an inspection of the films I found some damage. Fortunately, it was only minor… Read Article →

I got some nice comments from people about the award Contingency won at the festival last weekend. It was all very gratifying. Some people suggested I get it into other festivals, but I can’t think of any other festivals where I could submit it. Since the film is focussed on the $100 Festival, other festivals… Read Article →

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