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I finished two scenes I had started last week, reworked two other scenes I’d done earlier, and added three new scenes. I’m at just over 37 minutes now. In the final cut, that would run a bit shorter. That puts me about 40 per cent of the way through. Characters and Story I need to… Read Article →

I didn’t do much work on news scenes for “The Barrier” this week. Instead, I diverted most of my efforts to adding computer screen images to the film. In several scenes, the characters talk about what is on their computer screen, so I needed to add those images in. How I Created the Computer Screen… Read Article →

  Progress I finished another four scenes and started on a fifth for “The Barrier” this week. They run about seven minutes, which is about what I did the week before. I rejigged several of the earlier scenes. Total run time is about 18 minutes now. There is some overlap between scenes, so it will… Read Article →

I made more progress on my transportation movie this week. I did four scenes this week and edited them together with the two scenes I did last week. It came in at just under 10 minutes. I finished the scene I gave up on last week. It is the scene where the boss, Brandon, assigns… Read Article →

I started to develop a new video on Xtranormal this week. I would like to end up with a feature length movie, but we’ll see how it develops. I planned to cannibalize my two stories “The Gladstone Barrier” and “The Glencoe Project” for the project. I’ve only taken some of the ideas from the stories… Read Article →

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