“Contingency” Update 2012 October 14

Optical PrinterI worked on Contingency this week, but didn’t accomplish as much as I had hoped.

I reviewed the video again. I had thought I would need to tweak the images somewhat, but I was happy with the way it already was. I think I might adjust the contrast on a couple of shots.

Some of the comments people made about the film made me realize that the film won’t make much sense to someone who isn’t familiar with my earlier films. I decided to write an article to post with the film that explains in some detail what each shot and sound is and why I picked it. That took me longer than I expected. I’m still not done.

I still need to decide what to include in my descriptions. In the stuff I’ve done so far, I don’t mention the names of the people who appear. I think I should do that.

I hope to get the film posted in the next few days.

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