Cuts, Composites, 16:9 and My Next Film

Louie Koutis, who played the judge in My Most Difficult Case , came over for a visit this week. I showed him the most recent cut of the film and he had some suggestions. I had been thinking along the same lines, so I went ahead and did the cuts.

I tried to replace a picture on the wall in some shots of My Most Difficult Case with the composite tools in Premiere Pro. I have had some success with that, but it is a long slow process, and I haven’t been able to get something good enough to use. I think I can do that if I put more time into it, but I wonder if it is really worth the effort.

One of my ideas was to do a widescreen (16:9) version of My Most Difficult Case. I tried that out this week, and it was easier than I expected it to be.There are still a lot of tweaks I can make to it. I am not sure about the image quality though.

My distribution contract with Ouat Media for My Next Film comes to an end next week. I haven’t heard anything from them about it. I am not sure just when I can start selling it on my own. I did some work this week to create a good quality version of it that I can use.

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