Detective Story – First Draft Done!

I got the first draft of the script done today. It came in at 71 pages. That is still too short for a feature. When I do the next draft, I will see what I can do to enhance the story to make it a feature.

I had skipped a couple of scenes part way through because I wasn’t happy with my original ideas for them. I got back to them today and came up with a couple of scenes that I think are better than average. Both of them were a little longer than what I had been doing. That makes me think that when I do the second draft it will turn out longer. I started to feel I was getting into the writing more than I had been.

I plan to put the script aside for a while, maybe two weeks, and then do the second draft. I haven’t decided what I’ll work on next. I am sure that I will be working on the recut of My Most Difficult Case, but there are several stories and articles I would like to pick up on too.

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