“Felix” and “The Barrier”

Magpie_and_FriendI worked on both “Felix” and “The Barrier” this week. The “Felix” rewrite progressed well, but with “The Barrier” it just seemed like I spun my wheels. I still would call it a productive week though.

“Felix” Rewrite

I tried my new approach with “Felix” this week. I printed off the most recent version, then sat out in the back yard, went through the printout and made my revisions. I got about a quarter of the way through. I thought this approach worked and I felt positive about the revisions I made.

Later in the story I have some sections that I will likely have to completely replace. I may even need to add totally new material. That will take a bit longer. I think that I will need to go through the whole story at least one more time before I’m done this revision. It should be ready to share with other people then.

One of the problems I have noticed is some of the technology the astronauts use on Mars seems outdated. I can’t mix 2020’s technology with 1960’s technology. For example, I gave the rover a considerable level of autonomy, but the astronaut’s have to drive their own vehicle. I can fix much of that fairly easily, since the technology is mostly in the background. Unfortunately, some of it is tied to major plot points.

I thought it would be enjoyable to sit outside and listen to the birds as I worked. Unfortunately, we only seem to have crows and magpies around here, so not much in the way of  beautiful songs. The chattering of the squirrels sounded better, but after what they did to our garden, it’s hard to feel too kindly toward them. I did find it more restful to be outside though.

“The Barrier”

I did some more research on one of the programs I want to use to do “The Barrier”. I used up a lot of time, but I can’t say I have much to show for it. I can say I did learn more about what it can do. I can’t really get too far along with the new version until Xtranormal is rereleased.

I’ve given some thought to what I’ll do with the movie when I get it done. My current plan is to use a site like http://distrify.com/ to distribute the movie. There are several sites that look similar, so I should do some more investigation before I sign up for one.

I believe that this is the first movie ever made specifically about transportation planning, so I need to promote it transportation planners. There might not be much of an audience beyond people who work in the field.

I’ve done some posts on a few LinkedIn transportation planning groups, but I think I need to look at other options. There are a number of transportation planning magazines, newsletters and journals. I don’t think they would have movie reviewers, but I still think I should approach them.

I could use some contacts at these outlets. If you can help me I would appreciate it.


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