Dynamic Lethargy Films is James Beattie Morison.

I am a independent film maker and my films have been shown at film festivals and exhibitions in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, Victoria, New York City, Los Angeles, London and Adelaide. I made my films with the help of the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers.

Watch or learn more about my films and videos:

Summer’s Too Short 2015 (video) 29 seconds
This film expresses how summer feels to me.

My Most Difficult Case 2014 (16mm) 9 minutes
A judge faces a difficult choice with his latest case. He hardly listens to the lawyers as they try to influence his decision.

The Barrier 2013 (video) in production
Arthur knew that a barrier would save lives, but he must overcome other barriers first.

Some Days . . . 2012 (16mm) 1 minute
Some days are better than others.

Make ’ em Squirm: The Sharkbiter Way 2012 (video) 9 minutes
An interview with Orville Sharkbiter about his new book Make ’ em Squirm: The Sharkbiter Way.

Contingency 2012 (16mm) 3 minutes
A retrospective look at the $100 Film Festival.

Line of Taxis 1999 (16mm) 11 minutes
A line of taxis waits in front of the office. They are “right-sizing” today.

My Next Film 2001 (16mm) 3 minutes
A film by James Beattie Morison about a film by Patrick Aull.

If I knew . . .1995 (Super 8) 3 minutes
If I knew what this was about, I would tell you.

Who Shot the President 2001 (16mm) 3 minutes
WARNING: Some people may find this film offensive.
An intrepid investigative reporter blows the lid off the conspiracy.

Weekend in Calgary 1991 (Super 8) 3 minutes
In a big hurry to relax.

The Whispers Come 2009 (video) 1 minute
The world is in a fuss, but it doesn’t affect us.

The Fence 1996 (16mm) 3 minutes
An old fence by the side of the road inspires first speculation, then reflection.

Read me a Story Daddy 2008 (video) 1 minute
A father finds an easier way to read a story to his daughter.

Extra Special Care 1990 (16mm) 4 minutes
A crack team of scientists and technicians collaborate on a very important project.


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