Line of Taxis

Line of Taxis (16mm) 11 minutes

A line of taxis waits in front of the office.
They are “right-sizing” today.

Jack Gilmore arrives at work to find a line of taxis waiting outside the building where he works. They are waiting to take people home after they are laid off. Jack spends his day trying to work, all the time fearing that the next phone call, or the next person to walk by, will tell him it is time for him to go. The office grows quieter as, one by one, his co-workers are led away. Eventually Jack walks the empty corridors alone.

A modern day horror film. Featured actors include Keith D. Humphrey, Carrie Innes and Pamela Sears.

See the full Line of Taxis cast and crew .

Line of Taxis was completed in November 1999 and premiered at the $100 Film Festival in Calgary on November 18 at the Garry Theatre.

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  • $100 Film Festival – Calgary, Alberta – 1999 November 18
  • Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival – Victoria B.C. – 2000 February 5th and 9th
  • Bare Bones Film Festival- Muskogee, OK – 2000 March 25 – Foreign Short Runner-Up
  • Misfit Short Film & Video Festival – Edmonton Alberta – May 6, 2000
  • Pirromount Pictures – Honorable mention
  • New York International Independent Film and Video Festival – April 7, 2001, New York
  • International Festival of Cinema and Technology – Actor Keith D. Humphrey was nominated for The IFCT Best Actor Award for his role as Jack Gilmore in Line of Taxis – London, England 2002 December 6,Toronto, Ontario, Canada in March 2003, Los Angeles, California 2003 May 31

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