Line of Taxis – Cast and Crew


Keith D. Humphrey

Carrie Innes and Steve Hanon

Pamela Sears

Keith D. Humphrey

Cast:Jack Gilmore: Keith D. Humphrey

Judy: Carrie Innes

Woman in Red: Pamela M. Sears

Doug: C.F.McKinnon

Security Guard: Thomas Collins

Lafontaine: Kevin Chinook

It isn’t Fair: Carol Gluszko, Betty Ann Cook

I Hear Smith’s Gone: Mary Hennigan

Man in Gray: Stephen Hanon

Extras and Voices: Barbara De Land, Doris Findlay, Linda Hills,
Marcel Mercier, Keith Morison, Vip Patel, Bernie St. Pierre, Lynn
Simpson, Rob Willcox, Michael R. Willis, Richard Young


Director of Photography: Stephen Hanon

Producer and Assistant Director: Pamela M. Sears

Production Manager: Doris Findlay

Location Sound: Andy Jaremko, Rob Willcox

Gaffer: Michael R. Willis

First Camera Assistant: Rietta Peters Martell

Grips: Kevin Chinook, Vip Patel

Production Assistant: Janice Starko

Second Camera Assistant: Carol Gluszko

Checker Car: William Rennie

Film Lab: The Local Lab, Calgary

Negative Cut: Rick Doe

Sound transfer: The Sync Spot, Calgary

Digital Video Transfer: Andy Jaremko

Optical sound: McClear Digital, Toronto

Poster design: Keith Morison

Director, Writer and Producer: James Beattie Morison

This film was made with the support of the Calgary
Society of Independent Filmmakers

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