My Most Difficult Case – Cast and Crew

Left to right back row: Stephen Hanon, Alan Lawrence, Patrick Schultz, Bryson Montgomery, Tyler Shandro,Mona Dallman, Jeremy MacKenzie, Gerry Bourassa, Alan Cave.

Left to right front row: Michael Willis,Louis Koutis, Melissa Brenner

My Most Difficult Case – Cast and Crew


  • The Accused: Richard Gilmore
  • Judge: Louis Koutis
  • Defence attorney: Mona Dallmann
  • Prosecutor: Bryson Montgomery
  • Judge’s on set voice: Jeremy MacKenzie
  • Victim: Alan Cave


  • Director of Photography: Stephen Hanon
  • Assistant Directors: Melissa Brenner and Varnia Henry
  • Camera Assistants: Melissa Brenner, Varnia Henry, Jinwei Zhang and Somjai Santiratikul
  • Gaffer: Michael Willis
  • Grips: Alan Lawrence, Patrick Schultz, Alan Cave, Warren Brunt
  • Sound recorder: Gerry Bourassa
  • Boom operator: Alan Cave
  • Production Manager: Tyler Shandro
  • Make up: April Bishop, Marlaine Andresen and Holly Hamilton
  • Food Service: Betty Ann Cook and Somjai Santiratikul
  • Still Photos: Jeremy MacKenzie, Alan Lawrence, Keith Morison
  • Chocolate Syrup Wrangler: Alan Cave
  • Chocolate Syrup Artist: Michael Willis
  • Film Lab: The Local Lab, Calgary

This film was made with the support of the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers

2014 Version

  • Music: Walter Sheppard
  • Studio Sound: Christopher James Connelly
  • Post Production Sound: David Henry
  • Editors: James Beattie Morison and Vildo Sturam

2004 Version

  • Music: “Daddy’s Little Girl” and “Intro” (c) 2000 Toni Baumann and Mona Dallmann
  • Negative cut: Rick Doe
  • Film Titles: Rick Garbutt
  • Optical sound: McClear Digital
  • Editor: James Beattie Morison


Left to right: Alan Cave, Gerry Bourassa, Melissa Brenner, unknown, Michael Willis, Stephen Hanon

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