First Things First

My biggest challenge in creating a new film is deciding what to do first. I have a lot of ideas for stories, articles and movies. I want to do them all.  Lately I have been bouncing back and forth between them, and not getting much done.

I really should know better than flitting about from project to project. It is a lesson I have learned many times.

When I made my films Line of Taxis and My Most Difficult Case , I had to make deliberate decisions to stop working on other projects until they were done. Even so, I some times let these projects lag because I got side tracked by other ideas I wanted to pursue.

When I wrote my first feature script, The Anger Trap, I set aside all my other projects. I only wrote for about six hours a day from Monday to Friday, but I had the first draft done in three weeks. I went back later and did another couple of weeks work on the second and third drafts. I think it wasn’t so much the amount of time I put it, but that it was my top priority until I had it done.

Having many project ideas is only part of the problem. There is just so much interesting stuff to read or watch on the internet.

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