Lame Excuses

I accomplished very little on the detective story script this week. My excuse is that I got sick. I am recovering and I hope to dive back into it this coming week.

I did revise the outline some more. I deleted some scenes that I didn’t think added much and I added some that I feel are much better. I also expanded the role of the detective’s wife.

A couple of weeks ago I gave all of my characters names. I’m calling my detective Lucas Martin now.

What I see as the biggest challenge now is losing continuity. When I wrote “The Anger Trap”, I had no real interruptions while I was writing. Each day when I started, the characters and story were already clear in my mind. I fear that having taken a break of a few days, I have somehow “lost the characters” and it will take me while to find them again.


  1. Those characters are there. Re-read some of what you have… by yourself. Read it out loud and pretend to be the character. Stand up and move around if you have to. Just get into it for a little bit. That usually brings it all back for me. Good luck.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the suggestion. It takes time though, but then writing takes time.

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