My Goals for 2014

dlf50A couple of weeks ago I looked back at what I did in 2013. In this post, I will talk about what I want to get done in 2014. Some projects never seem to end. I would like to hear what projects you think I should focus on.


My first priority this year will be to rewrite Felix, my Lovecraft inspired science fiction story. I finished a first draft of Felix early in 2013. Since then, I focussed on The Barrier. Even so, I thought about Felix from time to time.

I’ve come up with some ideas about how to develop it further. Some sections I think I will just toss out and rewrite from scratch. The dialogue needs work. One thought I had was to use Xtranormal/State to work with the dialogue. I found that it was a big help when I wrote The Barrier.

The Barrier

I had some vague idea that I might remake The Barrier as a live action movie sometime in the future. I wanted to leave it as it is for a while and cogitate on the feedback I would get.

I haven’t had a lot of feedback so far, and it is hard to fully absorb the feedback I did get quickly. Nonetheless, I am left with the sense that the movie has potential, although maybe not enough to justify the cost of a full-blown movie.

The feedback I had from transportation planners was positive, but mixed results from other people. It may be that my market may be limited to transportation planners. I want to get some more feedback from people outside the transportation field.

Right now my thought is to make some major changes to the animated version of the movie, and make that the final version. There is an issue with the legal status of Xtranormal, so I would need to redo the whole movie with a different system if I did major changes. Maybe I can do some improvements with less drastic changes

Some of the ideas I had:

  • redo the character voices with real actors,
  • add music to the sound track (although I have no idea what might work), and
  • change the order of the scenes

I am inclined to do some experiments with real voices and different types of music.

Replace Xtranormal

I found Xtranormal to be a useful tool, and I am disappointed that it is no longer available. I want to find something to replace it. There are several options I want to look into:,, and I might be able to find some other ones to look at too.

My Most Difficult Case

This has become a permanent feature of my to-do list. I would like to get this project behind me. I’m not even sure just what I still have left to do. I hope I can keep it to some minor fix-ups.

Bright Freedom

I have a first draft of this story, but it has been a year and a half since I last worked on it. From time to time I have ideas to add to this story. I converted it from a movie script to a novelette. Now, after my experience with The Barrier, I wonder if I should make it into a movie again. Like with Felix, I think I could use something like Xtranormal to help me rewrite the dialogue.

Before I take it too much further, I really should get some one to read it and get a better sense of how people react to it. I need to do more research to ensure that it comes across as realistic. With the other projects I have in mind, I don’t expect that I will get far with Bright Freedom this year.

Creative Experiments

I think I need to put aside some time to experiment with writing and movie making ideas. I didn’t do much of that in 2013 because I was so focussed on The Barrier.

I did a little experiment last week. I just finished reading Will Murray’s Writing in Bronze about Doc Savage. It inspired me to come up with my own Doc Savage story.

I tried to write a Doc Savage story once before; back between high school and university. I think I only got a couple of pages done before I gave up. I did use the book title later: The Smiling Corpse. I think I still have it sitting in a box in my basement.

I got about two pages done on this new idea, which I call The 89th Key. Unlike the last time, I did work on an outline. I think that my failure last time was because I didn’t develop and outline.

There are some Doc Savage fan fiction sites, so I could find people to read it when it is done. I’m not sure I want to do any more work on the story now. Maybe later I will get re-inspired. I read a lot of Doc Savage in High School, but I haven’t read much lately, so I am not as familiar with the style now.

I think trying little projects like this will help me be more creative in my major projects.


Note: I repaired some broken links on this page on 2015 May 19.

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