My Most Difficult Case Progress Report – September 5, 2010

I got back to work on My Most Difficult Case ( this week. I didn’t do much in August, because I decided to write and post some articles on Triond. I did six altogether.

My first goal was to recreate what Vildo Sturam did when he did a re-edit a few years ago. I got that done this week. While I worked on the recreation, I got inspired.

I cut some of the Judge’s lines and I want to rerecord some of them with different emphasis. With the defence lawyer’s presentation, I only made a few minor changes. I redid most of the prosecutor’s talk from scratch. Besides that, I did several small tweaks through out the film.

Overall, the film is about nine seconds shorter. There is still more I can do with it.

The sound needs more work. I’ve done some stuff, but I think it is better to get an experienced sound person to help me on the sound. Someone suggested I add more music too.

When I sold My Next Film, I had to scramble to get all the releases in place. I have most of the releases for My Most Difficult Case in place, thanks to the production manager Tyler Shandro. Still, I have several more that I need to get. Mostly from people who worked on the later shoots.

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