My Most Difficult Case Project Update 2011 April 7

I was a little shocked to realize that I hadn’t done a progress update on My Most Difficult Case since last October. I’ve made some good progress since then.

I’ve “locked” the video for the film. I don’t plan to make changes to it now, so I can move on with the sound. The film now runs about eight and a half minutes. That is down from 11 minutes with the original version. The cuts make it a tighter film.

The composite shot I created of the two lawyers seemed too short for me, so I made it two-thirds of a second longer. I’d still like to remove a couple pictures on a wall in a couple shots. I tried several different ways, but none of them worked. I’m sure I could do it if I spent a lot of time on detail work, but I don’t think it is worth it.

Vildo Sturam did an animated DynamicLethargyFILMS logo for me when he did his cut. After all the file conversions I did with it, the quality was not very good, so I created a new one.

Walter Sheppard did a new music track for the film. He’d done a number of videos with his own music that I thought would work well with the film.

I’ve arranged for Chris James to handle the sound production. He arranged a recording session at Christopher James Connelly’s studio and we rerecorded Louis Koutis’ voice over.

My current task is to review the voice over recording and decide which takes to use. Once I’ve made those decisions, I can turn everything over to Chris James to finish the sound.

I am optimistic that the final film will be ready soon.

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