New Articles on Forecasting and Health Care

One of the sites I publish on (Triond) has a special on this month where I get a bonus if I publish 5 or more articles, so I’ve gone back to several articles that I’d left unfinished. I published two this week. Three more articles and I’m done.

A Review of “Future Babble: Why Expert Predictions Fail – and Why We Believe Them Anyway”

I just happened to spend the last 30 years of my life as an “expert predictor” in transportation planning, so this book caught my eye. My brother Keith and his wife Colleen gave me a copy for Christmas. This review allowed me to pontificate on some of the views on forecasting I developed over my former career.

I published it on Bukisa and Wikinut as well, but Triond pays better.

Where Do We Spend Money on Health Care?

Like many people, I worry about the future of health care. My father was involved with the creation of Medicare in Canada. I did an article earlier on a comparison between the U.S. and Canadian systems. Since then I have dabbled with several articles, but mostly I have compiled information.

I put this article together from a couple of reports I found on-line. I wanted to build it into more of a discussion of the cost of health care, but I want to keep my articles under 1,000 words. One of these days I will write another article to follow on from this.

This article is also on Bukisa and Wikinut .

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