New Wall Poster for “The Barrier”

I redid a poster that I have on a wall in one scene of “The Barrier” this week. The poster isn’t a big element of the story, but it is a detail that some people might find distracting if it doesn’t look right.

In the open house scene Arthur stands in front of a poster that describes the barrier on Gladstone Parkway. The scene starts at the 46:18 mark in the movie:

I felt that it look primitive compared to the other posters in the scene and I wanted to replace it for the next version of the movie. While most of the others incorporate images that look like aerial photos, the Gladstone poster just has a line drawing.


I created a pseudo air photo from the same Blender file I used to create the animations of Arthur on the Gladstone Parkway. From the top, the forest looks rather sparse, so I moved and added some more trees. It still looked a bit sparse to me, but I decided that it would be enough. I may need to modify the traffic simulation video to match the look.

I created an image file of the area and then imported it into the PowerPoint file I used to create the original Gladstone poster. I had to make some adjustments to the captions on the poster so they’d be visible. I think the new poster looks better.


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