News and Progress in January and February 2011

I published three articles on-line this week. This month Triond, where I publish, will pay a bonus if I publish five or more eligible articles during the month. With these three I’ve made that. I wrote and published six articles over the last month.

Where Do We Spend Money on Health Care?

A Review of “Future Babble: Why Expert Predictions Fail – and Why We Believe Them Anyway”

Some Advice to People at The Start of Their Careers

The Dark Side of Quotations

Can Government be Run Like a Business?

Evolutionary Economics

My brother read my script Then the Phone Rang. He said it was better than the last one of mine he read. He said the dialog was better, although a few lines made him cringe. I am looking for other people to read it, but I wonder if I should do a rewrite first. I have some ideas to improve it

I want to move on with My Most Difficult Case over the next month. My next task is to finalize the music and then I can move on to the sound. I have some paper work to do as well. If your film is over a certain length you need to get a C-number from the CRTC to prove that it is Canadian content. I’m not sure what the cut off is, but I’m fairly sure that I am over the limit.

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