Orville Sharkbiter and the Viral Video

I did a little research on viral videos and came across several articles on the subject. I’ve listed these at the bottom. I am a bit sceptical about articles of this nature, but I did draw a couple of ideas I think may be useful. To try them out, I’m redoing my Orville Sharkbiter Interview video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-9y-Bf6abU

Viral videos need to be short

I think that something in the range of one to two minutes would be OK. Some people seem to think under a minute would be better. I’ve long thought that you really need to keep your films and videos to the point. Now that I want to work in a longer form, I’ve let myself drift away from that.

The Orville Sharkbiter Interview runs just over nine minutes. I cut it up into seven parts. The shortest will end up around one and a half minutes, while the longest will be about two and half minutes.

Say what the video is about in the first 5 seconds

Because it is so easy for someone to switch to another video on the internet, you need to do something to keep them watching right at the start.

All my videos start with a title sequence. The front title for Sharkbiter runs 10 seconds and the end title runs even longer. I cut all the titles shorter. Then I put a brief blurb before the front title to hint at what will happen in the video.

I’ve done all seven videos now, but want to review them before I post. I expect I will need to make changes. Some of the blurbs are not very good.

List of viral video articles






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