“Sharkbiter” and “Some Days . . .” Updates 2012 October 28

get a 2 frame_0_trimmed_scaledI wanted to do something more to promote my video Make ’ em Squirm: The Sharkbiter Way video. A couple months ago, I split it up into a dozen or so shorter segments and posted them on YouTube. That didn’t generate the kind of interest I had hoped for.

This week I decided to pull a small (18-second) clip out of it and post it on YouTube as a sort of promo: Billionaire Orville Sharkbiter’s plan for election reform. My idea was that people are more likely to pass along a short clip. Then, I hope, some people would go to watch the full video. So far, I haven’t had a lot of response to it. I think I will need to promote it more.


I have started to wonder if my time would be better spent on a new project rather than promoting an old project.


I began work on my new film Some Days . . . for the $100 Film Festival. I made it originally for last year’s festival, but wasn’t happy with the image quality. I went over the materials I had prepared last year this week. Some of my plan notes had gone astray, so I had to recreate those. I also fixed problems with some of the images I want to use.

Some Days . . . is a very short film, so I won’t need the whole 100’ roll of 16 mm film to shoot it. I came up with some ideas for shots that I might be able to use in another film later. Unfortunately, since it snowed last week, and it isn’t likely to melt away any time soon, I can’t do those shots.

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