Sore Teeth and Other Thoughts

The last couple of weeks one of my teeth has become very painful. This week it got so sore that I found it hard to concentrate on much else. I will get it pulled Monday.

Recently, when I develop new stories, I try to give the main character some kind of handicap or limitation that they need to work around. After this last week, I think that a painful tooth would be a good handicap to give a hero. You really need to be nasty to your heroes.

I did manage to finish and publish a short article this week: Some Advice to People at The Start of Their Careers . It is a follow up to an article I did earlier: Six Lessons for Planning a Career . When I finished the earlier article I cut out a lot of material to keep the article short. I went back to that material and used it to build up a new article.

I came across another blog post to recommend: . His first point is one that I can attest is a good idea. When I first started to make films, before I started a project I would tell people about my ideas. I could tell from people’s reactions, which ideas caught their fancy and which ones didn’t. It wasn’t a conscious plan on my part, but it made a big difference in my work. I don’t really do that any more. I want to find a way to get that kind of feedback again.

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