Sunset Movie Update 2017 August 20

I made a few more steps forward on my Sunset video. I’ve run into a few issues I’ll have to over come.

A short time ago I posted about my idea to do a video of a sunset.

Since then I’ve tried to get a good video several times. I’m on “Sunset #6” now. I am not all that happy with the video I got so far. For the most part, the sunsets were not as impressive as I would have liked.

This week I noticed we had some much more visually interesting sunsets. The Sun has been a bit dimmer and red in colour when it nears the horizon these days. There has also been just the right amount of cloud cover to produce a pleasing image. Not too much and not too little. Sometimes the Sun gives an almost golden colour to the clouds.

Unfortunately, as we more inexorably toward fall, the Sun sets further south every day. When I started, back in mid June, the view from my study window was just what I wanted. Now the Sun is blocked by big tree long before sunset. That makes for a rather dull sunset video.

I was out for a walk a couple days ago, and there are some other places where I could get a better view. However, when I can shoot from my study, I can set up the camera and go do something else. At another location, I would need to stay and babysit the camera until the sun was down. On the other hand, if I don’t try a different location, I’ll have to wait until next June before I get another shot at it.

I worked on the audio for the video too. The sound I got from the camera really wasn’t useful. I used a microphone I got recently to get some ambient sound. I matched it to the video I had. It is better; the microphone gives much cleaner sound.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t very much interesting sound. Over the hour and a half I recorded, there was one bird that squawked a bit, one car drove down the lane, and a couple of planes flew over. I think I will need to construct an artificial “natural” sound. Many of the so called natural soundscapes you can get are done with a lot of creative intervention.

I think I’d need to collect sound for many days, and pick out the interesting stuff. I missed an opportunity to get some good wind sounds a couple nights ago.

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