Do you believe that artists should be paid for the work they do?

While some artists may do their work for the pure love it, very few artists can do their art if they can’t make money from it. With the advent of the Internet and digital technology it is very easy to copy and pass along an artist’s work. That makes it very hard for an artist to survive.

Most of my work is available for free on the Internet. You can watch it or read it and not pay me. But, if you believe that artists should be paid, you can support my work.

If you don’t want to support my work, you can find another artist that you do want to support.

How can you support my work?

You can support my work with a donation.;

You can buy my work when I sell it.

Walk in the  Snow
Walk in the Snow
Walk in the Snow contains short stories that range from the distant past to the near future. These stories explore people from many backgrounds: transportation planners, scientists, detectives, women and immigrants.
Print: $8.99
Download: $1.99

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You can follow my work.

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If you really really do not want to support my work, you can undonate.

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