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As I contemplate some new projects, I’ve thought about how to develop characters. I’ve thought about this before, but it never hurts to revisit my approach. Character Tags I’ve found Lester Dent’s formula helped me a lot with my writing. I added his article to one of my earlier posts: http://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/the-lester-dent-master-fiction-plot-test-drive/ In his article, Lester… Read Article →

During the last part of my wife’s illness I dropped all my writing and filmmaking projects. I want to get back to them now. It isn’t just that I want to work on them; I feel that I need something to focus on now that she is gone. Retrospective One project I want to do… Read Article →

I didn’t accomplish much this week, but I did have some ideas and thoughts I wanted to share. “The Barrier” I did a little more work on my revised script for “The Barrier”. My progress has been rather slow. I think that is because I’m not really sure how I’ll get the film finished. I… Read Article →

About 20 years ago I got an idea for a story about transportation planning. I’ve started and abandoned it several times. I think I’m finally on a track to get it done. The initial inspiration for the story came from the book “The Wealthy Barber” by David Chilton. After several attempts, the story I have… Read Article →

One of the challenges of writing a story is that the protagonist needs to be dumb enough to get into trouble, but smart enough to get out of trouble. It occurred to me that cognitive biases could provide easier explanations for a character’s bad choices. Characters need to make bad decisions in order for there… Read Article →

I feel that “The 89th Key” was a good learning experience for me. I’ve organized some of  my thoughts about what I learned. The Outline I have used outlines for most of my stories and all of my movie scripts. With “The 89th Key” I put more effort into the outline. I think I put… Read Article →

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