“The Barrier” Makes Noise

ArthurOnThePhone_263I made some good progress on “The Barrier” this week. Mostly I added sound effects to the sound track. I’ve added ambient sound to about half the movie now. I added some specific sounds, such as foot steps. That isn’t easy to do, but fortunately most of sets look like they have carpet, so I can get away with out the footsteps most of the time.

In scenes where people talk on the phone, I processed the dialogue to sound like it came over the phone. I did a little research on-line to find out how to do that. It wasn’t as complicated as I thought.

I tightened up some of the scenes. Usually it was just cutting out some pauses in the dialogue. I did some dialogue overlap in a couple places to make it seem that characters were interrupting each other.

In one place a character says “that looks impressive” while she watches a simulation of a microsimulation model on a computer scene. Unfortunately, the animation I produced wasn’t very impressive, so I cut out that line.

Some of dialogue is a little hard to understand. There isn’t much I can do about that because it has to do with the artificial voices, which I no longer have access to. One thought I had was to add captions to the movie. That will be a lot of work though.

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