“The Barrier” Progress Report 2013 April 28



I finished another four scenes and started on a fifth for “The Barrier” this week. They run about seven minutes, which is about what I did the week before. I rejigged several of the earlier scenes. Total run time is about 18 minutes now. There is some overlap between scenes, so it will end up a bit shorter. The average scene length was 1:48.

The new scenes were all for the second sequence. I took the first two scenes from “The Glencoe Project”. I needed to create the next two scenes to tie them into the story line from “The Gladstone Barrier”.


When I decided to combine the two stories, I knew I would have some trouble when I combined the hero’s boss character. I had two different characters play that role in the two stories. This week I ran onto some scenes where the character from one story does something that the character from the other story wouldn’t. I haven’t really carved the characters in stone yet, so maybe I can use the contradictions to build a more complicated character.

I find that some of my characters develop more complexity as I work on the story. I think that when I work in Xtranormal that it is easier for me to develop the characters when I write.

I worry that some of the later scenes aren’t as visually interesting as the earlier ones. Maybe that will come later. I think that part of the issue is that I’ve had more time to think about the earlier scenes before I started on this project. I haven’t thought as much about the later scenes. I haven’t read the stories for a while and I realised that I don’t remember them as well as I thought I did. I think I had better reread them.

I’d like to tie the two stories together a bit better. “The Glencoe Project” is about the transportation study for a new development, while “The Gladstone Barrier” is about transportation project priority study. Some of the same characters showed up in the two stories. I originally thought the two stories were at different points in the hero’s career. Now I have them happen at the same time. In one story, the hero is inexperience, while in the other he is more experienced.

Xtranormal Tricks

I picked up some new tricks with Xtranormal this week. I used the ability to change character’s posture used very effectively in one of the scenes I did this week. Xtranormal has two different sitting postures, a sit up straight, and a lean forward. In the scene, my character talks about how discouraged he feels. I combined the lean forward with a look at a target on the floor to create a body language to express this emotion.

I learned how to make sitting characters stand up and used that in a couple of scenes. I tried to get a character to sit down. That worked in a test I did, but I couldn’t get it to work in the scene where I wanted to use it. I redid the dialogue to explain why he doesn’t sit down.


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