“The Barrier” Scene 1 Progress 2014 September 28

The new scene really started to come together this week. I posted a test video that I think gives a good indication what the final version will look like. You can watch the test video here:

I think I’ve got all the vehicle movements done now. Although I might need to do some tweaks later.

I spent most of my time on the set up of the cameras. Most of the cameras were fairly easy, but a couple were more difficult. One of these is a point of view shot from the driver, while the other is a close up of the driver. I plan I need to have them to stay in the exact same position relative to the car and that turns out to be very finicky work.

The point of view camera is a bit easier because I can eyeball the position reasonably well. The close up camera is a real pain. I plan to composite in the driver and to make that easier, I need the camera settings to be very precise.

It is OK when the car moves in a straight line, but when it changes direction it becomes a night mare. I developed a formula to convert the relative coordinates of the camera to the coordinates after the car changes direction. The one I came up with was a bit too simplistic and I’ll need to work on it some more.

I was quite happy how the sequence looks when I cut it all together. I can improve on the continuity though. I also wonder if I need to add more trees and maybe some ground cover to the set.

“The Barrier” is a movie about a transportation planner. You learn a bit more about it here: http://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/the-barrier/

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