“The Barrier” Test Animation 2014 September 6

My goal is to create a new version of the opening scene for my movie, “The Barrier”. In the current version of the opening scene it isn’t clear what happens. I completed a short test animation this week.

So far I’ve concentrated on building the set, but also did a test animation. I used Blender to build the set and do the animation. At one point I got very frustrated with Blender. It seems like I get something the way I want it, and then it stops working after I made some more changes. Late in the week I seemed to find a way around that and got a test animation done. You can watch it here:

I’m a long way from completion. I plan to add more trees and some vehicles. I may also add a yellow stripe down the center of the road or more detailed trees. I don’t want the set to look too realistic because it would look odd when I combine it with the Xtranormal animation I used in the rest of the movie. I plan to shoot the scene from several different cameras and then cut them together in Premiere Pro.

“The Barrier” is the story about the struggles of a transportation planner when he tries to do what he thinks is right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-LOUNSEKac

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