“The Barrier” Tops 45 Minutes

ArthurDennisHallwayI passed an important milestone this week when I passed the 45-minute mark on my transportation planning movie “The Barrier”. In the final version, I expect that will turn out a little shorter, but for now it’s nice to feel like I’m half way to my first feature length movie.

Earlier in the week, I made some major changes to the outline. I realized that several of the scenes I had planned wouldn’t work very well, so I removed them. That left the outline too short for feature length, so I reviewed my ideas file and developed some new scenes. Before the changes, I had done 47 per cent of the scenes in the outline, while after the changes I had done 43 per cent of the scenes. The projected movie length went from 90-minutes to 100-minutes.

My average scene length is about 90-seconds now and my longest scene runs to 2:49. I’ve broken up some of my scenes to make them easier to work with.

I worked on four new scenes this week and redid an earlier scene. The new scenes still need some work and I will need to go back to them later. I am impatient to be done, so I have been a little laxer about “finishing” scenes. I took most of these scenes almost directly from the short stories, so I didn’t need to make many changes. The scene I redid was to change the set I used.

I created a webpage for the movie http://dynamiclethargyfilms.ca/the-barrier/

I started to post daily updates about the movie on Twitter. I might start to post them on FaceBook as well. I’ve written some notes about the story, characters, and concerns I have about the project. I’ll turn some of them into blog posts over the next while.

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