“The Barrier” Update 2013 June 9

Arthur_Zelda_4528I made good progress on “The Barrier” this week. I finished one scene from last week and did three new ones. The movie is inching closer toward feature length.


I added a little over 6 minutes this week, which puts me at 56 minutes total. I think I have about 44 minutes left to do. Unless I pick up the pace, it will take me another couple of months to finish the first version. In my better weeks I’ve done up to 10 minutes of new material.

Once I have all the scenes done, I expect I’ll need to do some tidy up work. I know I added some elements in later scenes that I’ll need to introduce in earlier scenes. I noticed that I have two characters who have almost the same clothes on. I’ll need to fix that somehow.


The scene I finished and two of the new ones make up a single scene that I broke down into three separate scenes to make it easier to work with. It is set at a public open house where Arthur, out hero, tries to gain support for the barrier. The other new scene is a follow up to that scene where Arthur has to placate a person who complained about how Arthur treated him at the open house. I skipped a few scenes in between, which I will have to go back to.

Problems and Ideas

I couldn’t find a set I thought was appropriate for the public open house, so I used the coffee area set, which has a sort of large empty room that I thought would work. I am not happy with it and I plan to convert the scenes to the green screen and create my own backdrops. Previously I worked out how I can change a set and keep all the dialogue, movement, and camera positions for the scene.

Typically, they hold open houses in school gymnasiums. I expect that will be difficult to create backdrops that match the proper perspective.

I came up with a suggestion I plan to make to the Xtranormal people. It would be nice to be able to create your own sets, but that could be quite difficult to set up. I noticed that some of the sets have the option to change “screens”, which allow you to add your own images to the sets. My thought is that if they were to have a set that had six screens forming a box, then it would be easier to create your own sets. They would be rather rudimentary sets, but for my gymnasium set, it would work fairly well.

Another idea I had been for props. Currently props, like chairs, tables and so on, are fixed within the set. I know it might be difficult to create a new class of objects to be props, but I wonder if they could create props as a special type of character. They would be characters that don’t have any animation, but that would allow you place props around the set.

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