“The Barrier” Update 2014 October 5

I’ve added the driver and some sound effects to the demo video of the new scene 1 for “The Barrier” this week. It isn’t done yet, but I managed to put together an early version of the scene that gives a good indication how the final version will look.

I added more trees and animated the river, but didn’t add them to the demo video yet. The car needs to be developed a bit further, so I want to do that first.

Some people suggested that I should get actors to do the voices, rather than the robot voices I had. It looks like I would need to pay for the robot voices in the future, and I would prefer to give my money to a local actor.

I recorded my own voice and use it in place of the original robot voice. I included two versions of the driver speaking; one with my voice and one with the robot voice I used before. I’m not happy with my voice or my acting chops, but I think that a real voice does work better. If I get some actors with better voices than mine, then it would make a big difference.

I would like to start contacting actors to see what it might cost me. If you can suggest people I would like to hear about them.

I think I am close to the point where I am done with this project for now. Before I can redo the rest of the movie, I will need to wait until Xtranormal is rereleased, and I can get a licence.

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