“The Barrier” Version 0.2 Almost Done

TheGlencoeDevelopmentWork on “The Barrier” went fairly smoothly this week.

I finished adding the computer screens to the scenes that needed them. That took much of the time. I had to go back and create some more screen images.

There were a bunch of other scenes where I fixed some video glitches. I’m not sure what caused them, because not all of the scenes had them and a few had more than one. In all but one case, there was just a single frame that was messed up. In the other case there were two frames. That made it easier to fix. I just copied the frame after and overlay it to cover up the frame with the glitch.

I started to compile the scenes into sequences. When I have all the sequences done, I’ll compile them into the full movie. I have the first four sequences done and have five more to do. I did the fifth one too, but forgot to do something, so will need to redo it.

I had planned to just do the images for this version of the movie (version 0.2), but decided to do a few of the sound effects I had planned to do. Mostly phones ringing. I’ll leave the bulk of the sound work to the next version (version 0.3).

I should have this version of the movie done this week. I plan to show it to my wife when I’m done. If she likes it, I’ll start on the next version.

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