“The Barrier” Version 0.2 Done

ArthurTalksBack_1491I got version 0.2 of “The Barrier” done this week. This version runs 87 minutes. That was about a minute longer that the previous  version. I cleaned up some more video glitches and added some sound effects.

The full version of the movie took a long time to out put, and I had to leave it overnight. The final run time was something like 18 hours.

After it had run I did an investigation to see if there was a way to speed it up. It turned out that the default power settings were for a laptop on batteries. The computer would go to sleep after about 20 minutes. When it was sleeping, the program ran very slowly or maybe not at all. I changed the settings, so it won’t do that anymore. I haven’t retried the same output, but I think the problem is solved. It does seem to let the programs run faster.

My plan was not to do anything about the sound track for this version. However, there were a couple of places where it is hard to understand what was going on, so I did those. I did a few other sound effects at the same time.

I found and fixed some more video glitches. When I watch the movie again, I won’t be too surprised if I find a few more. I found one scene where I hadn’t put in the computer scenes. I must have missed that when I went through the scenes earlier.

The next stage is to show the movie to my wife. We sat down to watch it the other day, but she hadn’t realized that it ran an hour and a half. She thought it was like most of movies and was only 3 or 4 minutes long. She said she’d have time to watch Sunday. If she likes it I’ll move on to the next version.

I’ve noticed some problems with the movie that I can’t fix unless I redo it from scratch on a replacement for Xtranormal. I had planned to post the movie as a work in progress, but it looks like I won’t be able to develop it as far as I would have liked. That said, I do think I should have a watchable movie.

I want to do a blog where I talk about what I’d like to change with the version I post.

I believe that this will be the first movie ever made where transportation planning is an important part of the story, and not just an interesting detail of one character.

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