“The Barrier” Version 0.3 Done

DirtyLook_659I finished version 0.3 of “The Barrier” this week. It came in at 85 minutes, just a little shorter than version 0.2. I trimmed a few scenes and added more sound effects. After I review this version and create version 0.4, I think I’ll be ready to post the movie on YouTube to get some audience feedback.

The bulk of the work I did this week was on the sound track. Primarily that was back ground noise to add more ambiance to the movie.

I had done a 3 minute audio clip of “office noise” that I used in the office scenes. I redid that clip this week. I had used voice clips from the movie and they were too recognizable. For the revised version I used some voice clips from “Line of Taxis”, and clips of my brother and niece. I think the volume on the new version was higher than the previous version, so I may need to adjust that.

I tightened up the edit of several scenes. Fairly minor cuts by and large. I wanted to eliminate dry spots and also make characters interrupt each other.

I will watch this version, probably several times, to see if I can catch any more problems that I can fix. I can’t make any major changes to the movie without starting over from scratch, so that limits what I can do at this point.

I’ll hope to create one more version (version 0.4) which I can then post on YouTube. I plan to ask people to watch it and tell me what they think of it. I don’t plan to do any further work on the movie until next year, to allow time for more people to watch and comment on my movie.

If you know of anyone you think might like to watch a movie about transportation planners, please ask them to get in touch with me, so I can ask them to review my movie. Thanks.

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