The Dark Side of Quotations

I just published a new article The Dark Side of Quotations:

I came up with the idea almost two years ago, but found it very hard to write. Mostly it was because I would “get lost” in quotations when I did my research.

Monday I told myself to just get it done. Again I got sidetracked in my research, but I pulled myself back from the brink and put it to bed.

I wasn’t that satisfied with one section of the article, The Flypaper Effect, because I couldn’t find a good quotation to use. The one I had didn’t seem all the “dark.” After I failed to find a better one on the internet, I decided to just live with it.

I cut the final section out because I felt it was too egotistical. What do you think?

A Real Quote from Abe Lincoln

“James Morison is a great writer and film maker. I urge you to support him. Please visit his website, buy his films, buy his book and if you don’t want to buy, then donate money

Unlike the other quotes, Lincoln actually did say this. Really!

Well the words were in a different order; he said them at different times and didn’t include the hyperlinks. But he did say them.

OK, maybe he didn’t use the word “website”, but he did use words that had the same letters. 😉

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