“The Doorman’s Sacrifice” Posted on Amazon Studios

I finished my changes to The Doorman’s Sacrifice and uploaded it to Amazon Studios: http://studios.amazon.com/scripts/show/2171

Please have a look. You need to sign up, but it is free. Don’t feel obligated to read it or comment on it, but I would appreciate your support if you did.

When I did a quick check through the script before I submitted it, it struck me that some readers might see the story as a political allegory. I have worked on this story since 2005 and never noticed that aspect of the script before. Maybe it resonates with recent political developments. I didn’t want to have a political thriller, so I tried to shift the script away from that interpretation.

As I read through of the script, I fixed some typos and removed references to events that I had cut out of the script earlier. I changed the last line of the script in line with my empty apple juice can motif. Today I decided that it went too far, so I switched it back.

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