“The Doorman’s Sacrifice” Reviewed on Amazon Studios

This week I finished my changes to The Doorman’s Sacrifice and uploaded it to Amazon Studios. http://studios.amazon.com/scripts/show/2171

So far, I’ve had three people download the script and two people posted reviews.

One controversy about the site is that writers are worried about people stealing their ideas. When I did a quick check today, they had about 1,500 projects. Of those, over a fifth hadn’t had anyone download the script, another fifth had only one download. With just three downloads, I have had more than 60 per cent of the projects. If nobody reads your script, nobody is going to steal your ideas.

Another controversy about the site is that some people are getting friends and family to post five star ratings for their films and scripts. My friend and family gave me three stars, so no one can accuse me of stacking the reviews. 😉

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