The Gods Conspired Against Me

Well, not really the gods and it wasn’t really all that bad.

My website got migrated last week. For some unknown reason the version they migrated was from two weeks earlier. I didn’t want to post a blog until that had been fixed. It wasn’t done until late Monday, so I decided to wait and post Tuesday.

Tuesday I decided to print some forms I needed before I did my blog. When I did, the printer got corrupted and I had to clean up the registry and reinstall the printers. That strained my limited technical expertise. The problem kept recurring and I spent much of the day fixing it. In the end I discovered that the problem would only crop up when I tried to print some PDF files. Other PDF files worked fine. The PDF files that caused the problem were created by my scanner’s software.

At least it gave me something to blog about. I haven’t made much progress on any of my projects.


I thought I’d finished the first draft of The Crying Woman, but it turned out that I’ve got about a third of it to do yet. I plan to rewrite The Gladstone Barrier first and get it published, and then go back to The Crying Woman.

With both these stories I used a variation of the Lester Dent Master Fiction Plot. I did a couple of stories, The Abattoir Project and The Glencoe Project and they were fairly easy to write. I find these two new stories are much harder to write. In part I think it is because his plot is an adventure story, while my new stories are not.

The Glencoe Project isn’t really an adventure story either, although I call it that, but it wasn’t so hard to write. I want to put more emotion and character into the two new stories and I find that hard to do. I know it is something I need to do, but I wish it were easier.

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